Omelette Muffins

For 12 muffins:

whip 5 eggs together with 2 tbs of white flour and 3 dl of milk. Add in a big pinch of nutmeg, some salt and pepper to taste, cinnamon optional.

oil the muffins forms with oil (coconut oil adds a nice hint)

fill the muffin forms with desired amount of leaves vegetable and/or salad (possible to use harder vegetables like broccoli, need to be boiled beforehand)

top the filling with desired contents – plum relish, apricot nutty honey, clementine marmalade, cheese, fresh cheese, paprika

equally pour egg mix into muffin forms til almost full (possible for spice/herbs decoration on the top)

bake the muffins in 190C preheated oven for 15min


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