Chinese Style Steamed Scallops

Scallops (with shell):

wash the sand and dirt of the outside shell, drop the scallops into a pot of boiling water, take them out into cold water as soon as they open up

break the scallops into two, take the flesh carefully off the shell, rinse the curvy side and put them onto a plate that fits into a bamboo steaming form

clean the scallop flesh, take away the black bag along with all the black lines that are connected to it, take away also the hair like very soft stuffs around the scallop, the silk like outer ring that surrounds the scallop can be kept, keep the white scallop and the yellow/red part on the side, put the whole clean scallop on the curvy shell, one on each

cleaned scallops look like this:


soak some chinese mushrooms and rice noodles til they are soft, cut the mushrooms into small pieces and drizzle them on the scallops, drain the rice noodles, also put them on the scallops (if prefer soft noodles, shortly boil them in salty water)

heat up some vegetable oil, fry some minced garlic, minced ginger and minced chili with salt til they get slightly colored, spoon the spice-oil mix over the scallops, decorate with small amount of grass leek

drizzle some soy sauce on each scallop, put the steam form on top of a pot with boiling water and steam for 10 min

add a couple drops of lemon juice or spoon the juice from bottom over the top before serving


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