Steamed Pumpkin Basket

Pumpkin basket:

divide a small pumpkin (i.e. butternut) at the top, so it becomes like a bowl with a lid, peel the pumpkin completely, put both parts on a plate that can fit into the bamboo steaming form (with a lid), and then put the form on top of apot with boiling water, let it steam with lid on for 30 min (use a toothpick to check if the pumpkin is done)

Basket fillings (quantity depends on the size of pumpkin):

have green long beans and asian fish balls cut into small cubes (possible to use other vegetables and proteins that are easily to be cut into small pieces like zucchini, ham…), cut half a red chili (or red paprika) into short strips

start a frying pan with oil, minced garlic and minced ginger, add in first fish balls, when they get slightly colored add in green beans, stir for ca. 5min, add in the chili strips and chinese garlic bean sauce with some water, stir a bit more til the liquid has mostly disappeared, add salt if needed

optional ingredient: peanuts. add peanuts when starting the pan with garlic and ginger, after the peanuts become slightly colored, follow the rest of the steps

put the fillings into the pumpkin and serve with the bamboo steamer


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