Fried Rice with Shrimps and Pineapple

boil 1 cup of rice in slightly salty with a couple thin slices of garlic (preferable not too wet), cool them down before frying

take 2 full round slices of pineapple and cut them into small pieces, cut also 1 small onion, 1/2 carrot and 1/4 paprika into small pieces, mince 2 gloves of garlic and 3 slices of ginger

start the frying pan with oil, garlic and ginger, first add in onion, stir til they are soft, add in then carrot and some green peas (frozen peas), stir til peas are softened, add in now rice and stir for 2 min

break an egg into the rice, mix them well so that every rice gets covered by egg, when the egg is no more liquid, add in 2 tbs of corn, 3 tbs of shrimps, paprika and pineapple, first drizzle in some soy sauce, then season with salt, pepper and cayenne pepper

optional ingredient: peanut. put peanuts in before the onions, fry til peanuts are slightly brown then add in onion


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