Sushi ft. Italian Prosciutto Maki

Maki roll: back loin of salmon grilled ca. 30 sec on each sides (4 long sides), cut into 4 long pieces, rolled with carrot, cucumber, avocado and wasabi mayonnaise

Uramaki roll: the same as maki, rolled inside out, decorated with sesame

Salmon Sushi: fresh salmon slices, decorated with poppy seeds

Scampi Sushi: peel the raw shrimps, cut them open on the belly so that they become relatively flat, grill them with coconut oil and lemon juice, tight them to the sushi with a thin stripe of nori, decorated with cucumber

Spicy Gunkanmaki: cut fresh salmon into small pieces, marinate them with lemon sauce, some minced ginger and a few drops of chili sauce (i.e. tabasco) for 1/2 hour in the fridge, mix with mayonnaise before serving

Proschiutto Maki: when rolling, put prosciutto first, then nori, roll with olives, cheese (mozzarella) and cucumber like a normal maki roll, decorated with roasted pine nuts

served with gari, I added also 1 ts of plum relish for the color



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