Sweet Clams


mix 200g flour (I used 125g white flour and 75g wholegrain), 50g butter, 30g sugar, 1/2dl finger warm milk, 3g dry yeast and 2 eggs (leave a little bit behind to brush on the pastry) together into a dough

knead the dough for ca. 10 min, then put it somewhere warm and not windy to grow for around 1 hour


cut 6 dry apricots into thin stripes, cut same volume of dry raisins into smaller pieces, then cut 2 bananas into small slices and mix all of them together, add in a bunch of sesame and a pinch of nutmeg, mix well

Making clams:

take the dough onto a slightly floured working surface, roll it out into a thin piece, use a form or just a glass to cut out round shapes, put some filling in the middle of the dough and then close the dough (as tight as you can, they will open during baking)

put them on a oven plate with baking paper, brush the top with the egg, then put them into 180C preheated oven and bake for ca. 20min til they are golden


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