Curry Lamb Stew

For 2-3 servings:

cut 1 onion into stripes, cut 3 carrots and 2 big potatoes into chunks, cut a handful of leek, cut 1/2 parsley root into thin stripes, and chop 1/2 red chili into small pieces, mince also 3 cloves of garlic and some ginger

start a deep pan with little coconut oil, chili, minced garlic and ginger, stir shortly then add in the onion, fry for ca. 2min, then put in ca. 400g of lamb chops (or defrosted lamb chops), let the lamb chops cook ca. 90 sec on each side

add boiled water into the pan til it covers the lamb chops, add in also a good pinch of dry lemon grass, boil for ca. 3min, if there is foam, spoon it away

add in ca. 200ml (half of a can) coconut milk and desired amount of curry powder or paste, put in also all the potatoes, carrots, parsley roots and leek, add in then more boiled water until it covers everything, mix well, cover with a lid, then let the stew cook with a gentle heat for 45min to 1 hour

spice the stew with salt and pepper (to taste) before serving, a small amount of cinnamon and cayenne pepper makes the taste more complex

the stew can be served alone, or it goes well together with rice or noodles


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