Chinese White Mushroom and Pear Dessert

This is a very typical Chinese dessert that helps to smooth the body system, and the measurement of ingredients has always been a bit of an act of improvisation. Feel free to find out your own favorite proportion.

have one unit of dry Chinese white mushroom (you can find them in Asian market, and they normally come in the shape of big round flowers, see picture example below), carefully rinse it and then soak it in warm water until it become soft, tear it into small pieces (similar size to your pear pieces later)

    – Chinese White Mushroom

have x1 or x1.5 volume (in relation to mushroom volume) of pears, peel them and then cut them into boats

wash a handful of dry Chinese red dates, cut them into halves or cut them into 4

put everything into a deep pot with cold water (1-2 cm higher than all the ingredients), add in a couple of gouji berries, bring the dessert to boil, then turn the heat down, put on the lid and let it cook slowly for at least one hour

put in desired amount of rock cane sugar (see picture) based on how sweet you like it (it takes a bit of time until the sugar melts completely)


download  – rock cane sugar


after the sugar has melted and taste is correct, you can serve it warm, or you can also cool it down in fridge and then serve it cold to make it a nice cold soup for warm days



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