Steamed chicken with Shiitake and Wood Ear mushrooms

For this recipe I used 4 upper parts of chicken wings, but you are welcome to use other parts too. Parts with skin are preferable, since they add a much thicker chicken fragant to the dish

Put the chickens into a pastic box, use a sharp knife and make some cuts on them, so that the marinade will soak into the meat. Then add in thinly sliced garlic and ginger, some chili rings, 1 table spoon of soy sauce, ca. 2 tea spoons of gin, pinches of salt and white pepper.

Mix well all the ingredients, close the box and let the chickens marinate in the fridge for at least 1 hour.

In the mean time, in a bowl soak 4 dry Shiitake and a small handful of Wood Ear mushrooms (both can be found in asian markets) until they become fresh and soft.

When the chickens are ready, slice the mushrooms and mix them in with the chickens. Put everything onto a plate, and then add on some more slice garlic, ginger, also some small pieces of dates and some Goji berries. Lastly put the whole plate into the steaming basket.

In a deep pot boil some water. When the water starts boiling, place the steaming basket on top of the pot and close the lid. Turn the heat down slightly, but keep the water bubbling, and let the dish steam for around 25min (the time depends on how deep the food stack is). Be careful that the water does not dry out.

There are of course other ways to steam a dish. Take the method that you are comfortable with. One important thing is that you should only put the chickens into the steam when the water is boiling. 

Voilà! Your very juicy chicken dish is ready.


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