Tofu treasure box

Mince a handful of each: leek, onion and sweetened radish, and mince a couple pinches of each: garlic, ginger and chili.

Heat up a frying pan, then throw in the minced ingredients (keep half of the leek, especially the greener parts). Stir around to release the flavors.

Add in similar volume of minced meat. Fry until the meat is cooked. Add salt to taste.

In another deep pot, boil water for steaming later.

At the same time we prepare the dish. Cut the fried tofu (they can be found pre-packaged in most of the asian market) into suitable size. Mostly just in half, so that the strong fried skin helps to keep the tofu in its form. On a plate (that can fit into the steaming basket) place the tofu pieces with the cut sides up.

Use a small knife, gently cut a cross in the tofu. You should try to make deep cuts, but make sure that you don’t break the skin. Then stuff the fried minced ingredients into the cross that you made.

Distribute well what you have, and try to stuff as full as you can. It’s very ok if some just fall out onto the plates.

When you are done stuffing, drizzle the rest of the leek on top. Then the dish is ready for steaming. Put the steaming basket over the boiling water, turn the heat down slightly (still keep the water bubbling) and let it steam for ca. 20min.

When it’s done, serve it warm. You can also add some soy sauce for taste.


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