Chicken chorizo skewers

This is an easy recipe with a big room of improvisation potentials, and it’s suitable for BBQ 🙂

Cut chicken filets into long stripes, marinate them with lemon juice, orange juice, olive oil, rosemary (dry or fresh), salt and black pepper for ca. 1 hour

Cut broccoli, red bell pepper, champignons, potatoes, pears and chorizo into similar size pieces.

In a big bowl toss everything apart from the proteins together with oil, rosemary, salt and pepper.

Now everything is ready to be put onto the skewers. Make your own combination. Personally I think putting chicken and pear together is very tasty.

Have your skewers in an oven tray, put the tray into the top level of the oven, at the same time turn the oven on to 225C. Let them bake for ca. 20 min, turn the skewers once in a while. If something starts to get burnt, lower the tray to the middle. The baking time could vary depending on your oven, since we started with a cold oven.

They can be simply served alone or you can pair them up with spaghetti or couscous or anything you feel like.


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