Spaghetti à la Ratatouille

1 zuicchini, 1 eggplant and 1 bell pepper (red or yellow or orange), slice them all into strips with similar thickness. Cut 4 tomatoes into slightly thin boats. Mince a handful of garlics.

Boil water for spaghetti.

In the mean time, start a deep frying pan (the pan should have a lid) with olive oil. When the oil is warm, throw in the garlics first, then put in all vegetable strips apart from tomatoes. Stir for a couple of minutes. Now put in the tomato boats and stir around a couple times. Add a handful of Provence spice mix (oregano, basil, timian, rosemary and estragon), dry or fresh, then a couple pinches of salt and a couple table spoons of water. Close the lid and let the ratatouille cook on medium-low heat.

Add spaghetti to boiling water.

When the spaghetti is done, so should the ratatouille be. It took around 15min for me. If the ratatouille is not ready, just drain the pasta water, and let it sit on very low heat while waiting.

Taste the ratatouille before serving, add salt and maybe pepper to taste.

On top of the spaghetti dish I dizzled over grated parmesam and dried lady’s smock flowers, both for taste and decoration.



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